Incident Playbook Generated in Real-time from a Disaster Recovery Plan.

This patent application relates to a data processing system that provides an incident plan design environment for extraction of essential information to an incident playbook. The system supports dynamic generation and real time dissemination of essential information to incident responders, such as the first responders to a disaster.

The incident playbook enables the incident planner to design a real-world plan containing only the information relevant at the time of need to a particular class of responders. The incident playbook becomes in one sense a derivative work of multiple, lengthy recovery plans, highlighting only the most important steps to be carried out immediately after a crisis event. These may include, for a specific response team:

Who do we contact as essential team members? How do contact these members?

What other resources do we need immediately?

What do we need to do as the essential next steps?

How do we communicate with outside emergency responders?

In addition, each type of disaster scenario requires different responses. A response to a hurricane will likely be different than a response to a power outage. Therefore it would be preferred if such plans could be crafted in advance of a specific event type, depending on the disaster event type.