Executive Summary

Product Design & User Experience Leadership

I am a seasoned product design executive with a proven track record of delivering successful digital products and cultivating customer-research-driven user experience organizations. Throughout my career, I have provided leadership, guidance, and consultancy to both startups and enterprise-level organizations, steering them through transformative digital initiatives. I have also established and managed highly capable product teams dedicated to delivering exceptional digital experiences.

Proficient in a spectrum of areas, including Enterprise User Research, CX & UX, Product Design, Agile and Lean/UX Development, Art Direction, Cloud-based Software Strategy and roadmap, Product Marketing and automation, and spearheading Digital Transformation Initiatives.



At the core of successful product development lies the establishment of a Lean UX practice within an Agile Product Design team. I specialize in guiding product teams through this transformation, enabling them to evolve into fully agile and evidence-based entities. My expertise has been instrumental in assisting renowned organizations such as Perficient, Sungard, and Korn Ferry in establishing enterprise User Experience teams. I have also implemented the necessary methodologies to seamlessly integrate these teams into thriving and successful Product Organizations.


Exceptional products embody a robust brand architecture and a unified visual brand seamlessly integrated into a well-defined design system. Unfortunately, visual design often takes a backseat in the ideation process, resulting in products that are merely themed without a deep understanding of the pivotal role visual design plays in affordance, usability, and user adoption. I have spearheaded Product Design teams, guiding them in crafting visual design systems that strike an optimal balance between aesthetics, user-friendly interfaces, and effective data visualization. By prioritizing visual design from the outset, we ensure that it enhances the overall user experience and contributes to the product’s success.


Recognizing and comprehending customer needs is pivotal in aligning products with a successful roadmap and release strategy. The foremost product organizations globally have made substantial investments in User Research. Leveraging my proficiency in constructing user research practices and teams, coupled with my knowledge and certifications in Human-Computer Interaction, I am well-equipped to assist your organization in establishing robust quantitative and qualitative methodologies. This approach ensures active engagement with your customers, ultimately leading to product enhancements and overall improvement.


Successfully architecting a solution necessitates iterative prototyping of the user journey and interface design, engaging customers and stakeholders throughout the process. While engineering commonly follows the practice of designing before building, this approach has not consistently been embraced by product design teams. Drawing on my expertise, I can rapidly establish design patterns and proficiently develop persona-based user journeys and prototypes across diverse product and software platforms. This ensures a more thorough and user-centric design process that aligns seamlessly with the needs of both end-users and stakeholders.


Many organizations seek guidance in formulating strategies to boost product adoption through strategic investments in the buyer journey. While designing exceptional products is crucial, their impact is maximized when accompanied by effective strategies to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Leveraging my experience, I have adeptly established Product Marketing teams and optimized Marketing Automation platforms. This involved implementing both inbound and outbound methodologies, strategically enhancing conversions at every stage of the customer lifecycle. This comprehensive approach ensures not only the creation of successful products but also their successful integration into the market and sustained customer engagement.


Effective mobile strategies originate from evidence-based design principles that inform the definition of responsive or adaptive product approaches. My experience includes collaborating with numerous organizations to enhance their product portfolios with mobile applications meticulously tailored to authentic customer needs. Whether serving a practical, engaging function, or acting as a tool for driving business transformation and data aggregation, mobile apps play a crucial role. In my leadership role, I have successfully guided the development of widely adopted mobile platforms by integrating a strategic blend of user research and persona-based interface development.