Case Study: PopShop Live


Popshoplive is a marketplace that enables creators and businesses to sell via E-commerce, Video Clips and Live Shows, and customers to watch and shop super engaging content within a welcoming and friendly community. Sellers can include influencers, small businesses, brands or individuals. Since its founding in 2017, CommentSold has processed more than $3.7 billion in sales, and served 22 million customers. It now has more than 7,000 creators and retailers selling on its platform.

I was engaged with the responsibility of mentoring, training, and assembling a team of designers and user researchers. Our collective goal was to propel PSL into becoming a premier destination marketplace for fast fashion, all the while preserving and supporting its legacy marketplace and influencers.


Experience Design of an Online Marketplace

Popshop Live’s updated platform mandates creators to submit applications before commencing their selling journey. Joining as a seller or shopper is free, with the company levying a 6% commission on sellers. Following the implementation of event tracking and behavioral analytics, we identified a drop-off trend among users before successfully establishing their storefronts. Employing a strategic blend of customer journey mapping and mixed methods research, we collaborated with customers to understand their motivations, gaining profound insights into the obstacles affecting their onboarding process and the rapid creation of storefronts.


I led the team in aligning product initiatives with our core organizational priorities, emphasizing the direct correlation between outstanding user experience and business success.

This initiative led to the identification of key metrics, such as capturing essential demographic data during onboarding to enhance the experience for sellers and influencers. Additionally, we gained a thorough understanding of metrics crucial for the ongoing monitoring of user engagement and adoption. The establishment of a user research charter team enabled continuous engagement with customers, fostering an iterative cycle of feature prioritization and the ongoing enhancement of user experience.


The introduction of our revamped marketplace has proven highly successful, demonstrating sustained excellence in performance with a notable surge in overall user engagement and an increase in repeat visitors.

This success is evidenced by a growing adoption of live selling on the platform. PopShopLive’s monthly active users (MAUs) have exhibited a remarkable month-over-month increase ranging between 15-20%. This growth not only signifies a broader user base but also opens up new avenues for continuous monitoring of conversions and customer demographic data.

In addition, I successfully established a pipeline of enthusiastic customers to conduct research, validating concepts before engineering. This proactive approach has effectively reduced churn and brought the user experience into closer alignment with successful eCommerce strategies.