Assurance Product Suite

Case Study: SAS Product


Project Brief

After not much success from Corporate Marketing’s traditional lead gen methods, I was given the opportunity to lead Product Marketing for Sungard’s marque product, AssuranceCM. With a small team of designers and Hubspot developers, I was able to lead the design and strategy for a fully marketing automated online presence that increased Marketing Qualified Lead conversions by over 40% in the first 6 months.


Product Marketing Strategy

Marketing Automation & Hubspot
Created marketing automated driven Product micro-site using HubSpot CMS to serve up inbound and outbounds content.

Inbound & Outbound Strategy
My strategy centered on curating rich inbound content to increase domain relevancy, while for outbound, I developed metric driven campaigns to segment buyer funnels.

Lead Generation & Nurture Campaigns
Increased MQL to SQL conversions by carefully monitoring drip campaigns, building rich relevant content, and leading leads through careful steps of an automated funnel at each stage of the buyer journey.

Product Design & Customer Experience
Using my solid understanding of usability and a/b testing allowed me to supplement the CMS with a very rich user interface that served up dynamic content at each step of the buyer journey.



Success Criteria and Results

Increased sales conversions through continuous refinement of customer experience.

With a small team, I was able to continue to build, refine, and launch dynamic landing pages, while analyzing the behavioral usage data I was able to slowly, but consecutively, increase sales through active conversions. The customer experience I crafted, led to a healthy funnel of over 60K potential customers.



Sales numbers prompted acquisition strategy of Assurance CM

I was part of the senior leadership team that was chosen to help make Assurance Software eligible for acquisition. My overall impact on the Product Marketing was a key factor in being able to demonstrate the value of a healthy and active customer base. In 2017 a venture capital firm was able to acquire Assurance Software as part of their strategic vision.