Case Study: CommentSold Videeo


In the dynamic landscape of live selling within the world’s fastest-growing eCommerce market, Commentsold has achieved significant success by strategically leveraging the live selling trend on social media, particularly on platforms like Facebook. However, acknowledging the potential risks tied to market fluctuations and a reliance on a single social media platform, the company proactively sought strategic interventions.

I played a key role in setting up a robust Product Design and Research practice, expanding the live selling platform to new social channels and diverse audiences. This move aimed to reduce dependence on a single platform and navigate potential market shifts.


To go beyond fast fashion, I built and led the team to revamp the User Experience, focusing on designing a strong product ecosystem for expansion into various media platforms.

This strategy not only increased Commentsold’s resilience to market uncertainties but also improved the customer experience and set the stage for versatile product growth. The company’s commitment to adaptability reflects its dedication to sustained growth in the competitive eCommerce space.

Commentsold engaged Permira Private Equity to provide crucial support in establishing product design leadership, fostering innovation, ensuring a competitive edge in the evolving market, and moving Inventory in fun and engaging Ways.


Diversification and Expansion: I played a pivotal role in establishing a robust Design and mature Research practice. The objective was to expand the live-selling platform beyond its initial success on Facebook, reaching new social platforms and audiences. This initiative aimed to counteract potential downturns in the market and reduce dependency on a single social media platform.


Revitalizing Customer and User Experience and building a modular framework to unlock features for new customers

Acknowledging the need to move beyond fast fashion, the focus shifted towards revitalizing Customer and User Experience. The goal was to accelerate customer delivery, create a more stable product platform, and establish a comprehensive product ecosystem capable of supporting expansion into diverse media platforms.