Korn Ferry

Case Study: KF Digital


I spearheaded the establishment of Korn Ferry’s inaugural Enterprise Product Design and UX Practice, assuming responsibility for cultivating and supporting an expanding product portfolio within the digital organization. Korn Ferry, a global leader in Human Capital Management, extends its professional services and executive recruiting on a worldwide scale.

Central to my approach was the implementation of evidence-based design principles within an agile framework to craft customer-centric digital products. I played a pivotal role in recruiting, training, and managing a diverse team comprising UX Designers, Product Designers, and User Researchers. Together, we defined, designed, and launched Korn Ferry Digital—a suite of products grounded in customer research and perpetually refined through data-driven behavioral analytics.


Practice Areas Developed

led the development of Product roadmaps, prioritized by customer needs into a meaningful set of releases that were informed by mixed methods research. Established a lean Agile/UX process within a sprint-driven development framework and utilized Marketing automation techniques and customer inbound and outbound methodologies.

Hired, managed and mentored a team of 20+ UX professionals and designers and managed over a dozen product workstreams. Mentored a team of visual designers to develop a scalable product design system for over a dozen product modules, using a unified brand architecture for desktop, and mobile themes. I managed a team of user researchers and experience leads to develop standards for customer journeys, personas, wireframes, and prototype development standards.

After establishing a successful Product Design Practice, my focus turned on developing an enterprise Product Suite that both met the Customer requirements, but was also ready for market. This meant aligning our development process to the needs of the user, and implementing an iterative process so that customers could directly affect the prioritization of the Product Roadmap.