Project Brief

NextDocs was a well funded startup that was building a suite of products to serve the pharmaceutical market through its ability to store, provision  and content manage the document libraries needed when approving drugs for clinical trials. The system utilized a customized Azure cloud based CMS system, that could be accessible by both Clinicians, COE’s  and the Physicians that were chosen to utilize drugs in the final stages of the drug testing and trial process. Key to their strategy was gaining a share of the clinical trials market, but also on increasing the adoption of their tools through a more streamlined User Experience.

Success Criteria and Results

I joined their board of advisors in the role of a UX Design seat, so that I could work with the inhouse GUI and Development team to provide a framework for expanding and customizing their product interfaces. The advances that were made under my guidance helped with user adoption and retention, and thus overtly increased their customer base. I also helped hire and manage the design team that created their online presence and organized their content strategy into a cohesive narrative.