Project Brief

Honda of North America has some of the largest manufacturing plants in the Northern hemisphere dedicated to manufacturing and innovation of their commercial vehicles. Honda was in the process of implementing a company wide Office 360 suite of products, in order to support the thousands of plant and innovation employees, and the informational and collaboration assets they need to support them as individuals, teams and departmental organizations. Because of the distributed nature of their organization, and the diversity of roles and informational assets needed, it was important to bring in a seasoned UX and Design team that could meet the needs of this enterprise project.

Success Criteria and Results

I was hired to bring in a team to lead the development of their User Experience for a wide range of tools including, employee benefits, manufacturing and plant logistical data, as well as team collaboration and innovation platforms. Key challenges were understanding the diverse and at times global workforce, and how to align those needs to a minimum amount of user experiences that could be themed by role. We also had to balance a design system on a platform that required an “out of the box” implementation that was not suitable for all customers. In the end we found a good balance of customization on Sharepoint, as well a user and team driven suite of themes that could be centrally managed for the needs of their workforce.